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Because quality work is our reason for being

Diseño industrial
Industrial design

Through our technical department we design, calculate, execute and manage all kinds of cold installations.

We adapt to our clients to offer the best comprehensive technical solution tailored to their needs.

Industrial piping installations and hot and cold equipment

Specialists in industrial glycol, ammonia, CO2 and water cooling facilities.

As well as equipment for cold rooms, freezing tunnels, ham and sausage dryers, clean rooms and biosafety.

Puesta en funcionamiento de la instalación
Commissioning of the installation

After sales services that will take care of solving any problem that may arise during or after installation.

Equipment maintenance and repairs

We offer comprehensive solutions in Industrial Maintenance tailored to your company. We are highly qualified in Preventive Maintenance. We ensure the proper functioning of your business facilities, in this sense we have national coverage for all our projects.

Thanks to our qualified staff we offer a comprehensive service in the repair of your hot and cold equipment

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